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Our industry leading DSCR loan we call NONI opens doors for investors to build wealth and access steady streams of positive cashflow. Scale your portfolio and utilize NONI’s advantageous options in which to hold title, such as LLC’s, corporations and trusts. Rental markets tend to improve LTR property values and rents, consequently acting as a hedge to inflation; garner the tax benefits involved in running your real estate business through deductions of long-term rental expenses while procuring an asset that appreciates, provides security and achieves profitability—place your portfolio in a commanding position, with NONI.

long-term rentals

Long-term rentals, at times referred to as buy-and-holds, are rental properties that are purchased and rented out for long-term leases. An LTR property can range from a single-family home, townhouse, multi-family home, apartment or condo and is associated with providing tenants accommodation for an extended period; generally, a minimum duration of six months or greater. Long-term rentals usually are not furnished and since turnover is low, owners can save money in marketing costs, as they do not need to advertise the space as often as a short-term rental requires.

LTRs are one of the most popular, and lucrative, ways to invest in real estate. When you invest in short-term rental properties, rental income is potentially not as reliable as that of LTRs, due to factors such as location, tourist attractions and seasons; owners often also spend more effort and time on maintenance. On the contrary, LTRs require less work in terms of upkeep, key exchange, organizing check-ins/outs, etc.—and because LTR properties are accompanied with relatively constant occupancy, this places the owner in a preferable position to mitigate risk of vacancy for extended periods.

Begin accumulating properties that you can invest in passively or actively. Our investor loan is built for clients who want to establish a real estate business that generates large profits and ensures consistent and stable rental income. Using NONI’s simple qualification process, we approach scaling into numerous properties with ease. Instead of using client’s personal incomes, we easily qualify a loan based on either the LTR’s liquidity, its market rental rate, the property value and purchase price or the tenant lease amount.

Loan Terms


$100k to $3.5mm

ltv purchase

Up to 80% LTV

LTV refinance

Up to 80% LTV on Rate and Term w/ 75% Cash-Out options available


30 year amortization schedule


7/6 ARM, 30 YR Fixed, & 40 YR Fixed with I/O

*interest only options available 

interest rates

5.875% to 7.5%


Full recourse. Personal guarantee required on all owners

dscr requirement

1:1 or greater = NONI
< 1 = nearNONI


Lending to individuals, LLCs,
corporations and trusts*

*trusts on case by case basis

time to close

30 to 45 days

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